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B.S. Budaev1
1. Irkutsk State Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education, Irkutsk Branch of the Russian Medical Academy of Continuing Professional Education, Ministry of Health of Russia
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Introduction. Research into the phenomenon of suicide in Russia was established at the beginning of the 19th century. The state and statistical institutions began to keep records of suicides from the second quarter of the 19th century. Russia is among the leaders with the highest suicide rates per capita, and is the world leader in suicides among men. The Republic of Buryatia is among the 30 regions of Russia with the highest suicide mortality rate. Purpose. To study the dynamics of suicide mortality in the population of the Republic of Buryatia in the period 2009-2018. Material and methods. Materials of the Territorial Body of the Federal State Statistics Service in the Republic of Buryatia, information and analytical materials of Russian and foreign authors, including those posted on the Internet, were used. Results. The suicide rate in the Republic of Buryatia exceeds the WHO critical threshold almost twofold, although there is a 10-year downward trend in the mortality rate - from 67.1 in 2009 to 39.0 in 2018 (by 42%); there is a 55.5% decrease in the SFD and a 2.2-fold decrease in the RF. The Republic of Buryatia has a high suicide rate among the able-bodied population. Discussion. In 2018, Buryatia ranked 67th in Russia's regions in terms of the population's income level. The region had 18% of its residents below the poverty line, with 2.8% below the extreme poverty line. The republic has one of the highest unemployment rates, at 9.5% at the end of 2018 (Russian Federation - 4.8%). A study of the relationship between economic recession, unemployment and mortality has found that suicide rates increase after the economic crisis starts. A 1% increase in unemployment leads to a 4% increase in suicides. Conclusions. Despite the gradual decrease in the suicide rate, the problem of suicide in the Republic of Buryatia remains acute. The main reasons are likely to be higher alcohol consumption in rural areas, unemployment
Keywords mortality, suicide, Republic of Buryatia

Bibliographic reference:
B.S. Budaev, SUICIDE MORTALITY IN THE REPUBLIC OF BURYATIA // Scientific journal «Current problems of health care and medical statistics». - 2021. - №4;
URL: http://healthproblem.ru/magazines?textEn=734 (date of access: 09.06.2023).

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