Научно-практический рецензируемый журнал
"Современные проблемы здравоохранения
и медицинской статистики"
Scientific journal «Current problems of health care and medical statistics»

Диагностика и профилактика преждевременного старения

About the magazine

About the journal Current Problems of Health Care and Medical Statistics

ISSN 2312-2935


"Current Problems of Health Care and Medical Statistics" is a peer-reviewed scientific and practical journal devoted to a wide range of problems of fundamental and practical medicine, pharmacotherapy, organization of health care, medical statistics.

The journal is available in the leading libraries of the country and is peer-reviewed.

The Journal is presented in the SCIENTIFIC ELECTRONIC LIBRARY (NEB) - the leading project on creation of the Russian Science Citation Index (RSCI) and has the Russian Science Citation Index Impact Factor (RSCI IF)

RSCI impact factor - 0,692 (for the last five years)

Place in the overall SCIENCE INDEX ranking for 2021 - 1237

Place in the SCIENCE INDEX ranking for 2021 in the field of "Medicine and health" - 109

Frequency of publication: 4 issues per year.

Publication languages: Russian, English.


The journal is included in the list of peer-reviewed scientific journals, which must be published the main scientific results of dissertations, both for the degree of candidate of sciences and for the degree of doctor of sciences, by the order of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia from February 12, 2019 № 21-r (since № 1, 2019)



Liutsko Vasily Vasilievich

Certificate of registration of mass media:

EL No. FS 77-57572 of 08 April 2014

EL No. FS 77-80987 of May 25, 2021 (reregistration)

Postal address of the editorial office: 127254, Russia, Moscow, 11 Dobrolyubova St., FGBU TsNIIOIZ, Ministry of Health of Russia (for V.V. Lyutsko), Editorial Board of the journal "Modern Problems of Health Care and Medical Statistics"

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Editorial phone number +7-495-514-44-59


Editorial Board


Son Irina Mikhailovna - MD, Professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation (Moscow)

Deputy editors-in-chief:

Ivanova Maisa Afanasievna - Doctor of Medicine, Professor (Moscow)

Liutsko Vasiliy Vasilievich - MD, PhD, Associate Professor (Moscow)

Executive secretary:

Bantieva Marina Nikolaevna - Candidate of Medical Sciences (Moscow)

Members of the editorial board:

Agibalova Tatiana - MD (Moscow)

Baimuradova Seda Meirabekovna - MD (Moscow)

Bokareva Natalia - MD (Moscow)

Bolomatov Nikolay Vladimirovich - MD - Doctor of Medicine, Assistant Professor (Moscow)

Buzik Oleg Zhanovich - MD - Doctor of Medicine (Moscow)

Vasilchenko Mikhail Ivanovich - MD, PhD, professor, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation (Moscow)

Oleg Ivanovich Vinogradov - MD, PhD, professor (Moscow)

Vasily Glushanko - MD, PhD, professor (Republic of Belarus)

Gorelik Svetlana Girshevna - MD, PhD, associate professor (Moscow)

Ivan S. Denishchuk - MD, PhD, professor, honored doctor of the Russian Federation (Moscow)

Zelenova Olga Vladimirovna - Doctor of Medicine (Moscow)

Andrey Ilnitskiy - MD, PhD, professor (Moscow)

Magomed Islambekovich Katibov - MD (Moscow)

Medvedeva Olga Vasilievna - DM, PhD, professor (Ryazan)

Kvetnaya Tatiana Viktorovna - MD - Doctor of Medicine, Professor (Saint Petersburg)

Kudrina Valentina Grigorevna - MD, Doctor of Medicine, Professor (Moscow)

Kupeeva Irina Aleksandrovna - MD (Moscow)

Natalya Linkova - Doctor of Biological Sciences (St. Petersburg)

Loseva Olga Kazimirovna - MD - Doctor of Medicine, Professor (Moscow)

Moshurov Ivan Petrovich - MD, PhD, assistant professor (Voronezh)

Novikov Georgiy Andreevich - MD - Doctor of Medicine, Professor (Moscow)

Filipp Alexandrovich Orlov - MD (Moscow)

Mikhail Alekseevich Osadchuk - MD, PhD, professor, Honored Scientist of the Russian Federation (Moscow)

Polyakova Victoria O. - MD, PhD, professor (St. Petersburg)

Popova Natalia Mitrofanovna - MD, PhD, professor (Izhevsk)

Proshchaev Kirill Ivanovich - MD, PhD, professor (Moscow)

Pocitaeva Irina Petrovna - MD, PhD (Moscow)

Natalya Rybalko - MD (Moscow)

Larisa Rusakova - MD (Moscow)

Samorodskaya Irina Vladimirovna - MD, PhD, professor (Moscow)

Lyudmila Petrovna Sviridkina - MD, PhD, professor (Moscow)

Sergienko Nikolai Fedorovich - MD, PhD, professor (Moscow)

Skvortsova Elena Sergeevna - Doctor of Medicine, Professor (Moscow)

Skoblina Natalya Aleksandrovna - Doctor of Medicine (Moscow)

Sterlikov Sergey Alexandrovich - Doctor of Medical Sciences (Moscow)

Stupakov Igor Nikolaevich - MD, PhD, professor (Moscow)

Syrneva Tatiana Anatolievna - Doctor of Medicine, Professor (Ekaterinburg)

Anna V. Titova - Doctor of Pharmacy (Moscow)

Tokarev Sergey Alexandrovich - Doctor of Medicine

Travin Nikolay Olegovich - MD - MD, PhD, associate professor (Moscow)

Anna Fomina - Doctor of Pharmacy, Professor (Moscow)

Olga Mikhaylovna Khishova - Doctor of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Professor (Republic of Belarus)

Shemanaeva Tatiana Viktorovna - Doctor of Medical Sciences (Moscow)

Shlyafer Sophia Isaakovna - MD (Moscow)

Alexander Budritsky - MD, PhD, associate professor (Republic of Belarus)

Gazheva Anastasia V. - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Assistant Professor (Moscow)

Zaradey Igor Ivanovich - Candidate of Medical Sciences (Republic of Belarus)

Valentina V. Kugach - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Assistant Professor (Republic of Belarus)

Mikhail Lototsky - Candidate of Medical Sciences, Associate Professor (Moscow)

Senenko Aliya Shamilievna - Candidate of Medical Sciences (Moscow)