Научно-практический рецензируемый журнал
"Современные проблемы здравоохранения
и медицинской статистики"
Scientific journal «Current problems of health care and medical statistics»

Диагностика и профилактика преждевременного старения



Sterlikov S.A.1, Nechayeva O.B.1, Belilovsky E.M.2
1. Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow
2. Moscow Research and Clinical Center for Tuberculosis Control, Moscow Health Department, Moscow
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The aim is to study the structure of the tuberculosis monitoring system, information about which is necessary when analyzing data with an assessment of their completeness and reliability. Methods. 22 documents regulating the modern system of tuberculosis monitoring were analyzed. The logical connections, the flow of information flow between events, documents of primary medical documentation and reporting forms have been studied. Results. A structural and functional diagram of a modern tuberculosis monitoring system has been built using official forms of accounting and reporting documentation for monitoring tuberculosis of various levels and departmental affiliation. Conclusion. The current system of statistical observation in the Russian Federation is based on the harmonious interaction of specially developed formalized documents and makes it possible to assess both the development of the epidemiological situation with regard to tuberculosis and the effectiveness of measures taken in all main areas of tuberculosis elimination. In the context of reforming the statistical observation system using electronic means for collecting, transmitting and processing information, it is necessary to maintain the continuity of its functioning with the existing observation system.
Keywords tuberculosis monitoring, tuberculosis monitoring system, statistical observation, medical statistics, healthcare statistics in Russian Federation.

Bibliographic reference:
Sterlikov S.A., Nechayeva O.B., Belilovsky E.M., RECORDING AND REPORTING SYSTEM FOR TUBERCULOSIS SURVTILLANCE IN RUSSIA // Scientific journal «Current problems of health care and medical statistics». - 2021. - №1;
URL: http://healthproblem.ru/magazines?textEn=567 (date of access: 26.06.2024).

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