Научно-практический рецензируемый журнал
"Современные проблемы здравоохранения
и медицинской статистики"
Scientific journal «Current problems of health care and medical statistics»

Диагностика и профилактика преждевременного старения



Rusakova L.I.1, Nechaeva O.B.2, Seltsovskiy P.P.3,4
1. Central TB Research Institute, Moscow, Russian Federation
2. Federal Research Institute for Health Organization and Informatics of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russian Federation
3. Russian Medical Academy of Continuous Professional Education, Moscow, Russian Federation
4. Moscow Research and Clinical Center for Tuberculosis Control, Moscow Health Department, Russian Federation
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Aim. Define and describe the normative documents that form the legal framework for the organization of systems for epidemiological monitoring of tuberculosis. Materials and methods: The texts of 33 normative documents on health care, published at the federal and regional levels, which provide the legal basis for organization of information systems in health care and TB control activities. Results: The article contains legislative and legal acts and documents containing provisions that must be taken into account when organizing epidemiological monitoring of tuberculosis in the Russian Federation. These documents include the Constitution of the Russian Federation, Federal Laws and Decrees of the President of the Russian Federation, decrees and orders of the Government of the Russian Federation, regulations and instructional materials of the Ministry of Health of Russia, State Epidemiological Service of Russia and other interested ministries and departments, governing bodies of these services of the administrative regional units of the Russian Federation. The documents contain both general requirements for the creation of information systems and a description of the specific tasks of the phthisiatric service. These provisions have an impact on the formation of systems for epidemiological monitoring of tuberculosis and, first of all, its information structure, as well as the tasks facing it, which determine the issues of collection, processing and analysis of data. Conclusion: Constant monitoring of the epidemiological situation of tuberculosis and the effectiveness of tuberculosis control measures allows for the prompt application of managerial decisions, which is reflected in the regulatory documents and the constant improvement of the legislative framework for epidemiological surveillance of tuberculosis.
Keywords monitoring of tuberculosis, legislation for tuberculosis surveillance.

Bibliographic reference:
Rusakova L.I., Nechaeva O.B., Seltsovskiy P.P., LEGAL FRAMEWORK FOR EPIDEMIOLOGICAL SURVEILLANCE OF TUBERCULOSIS // Scientific journal «Current problems of health care and medical statistics». - 2021. - №1;
URL: http://healthproblem.ru/magazines?textEn=570 (date of access: 21.06.2024).

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