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Диагностика и профилактика преждевременного старения

Геронтология и гериатрия


T. V. Pavlova1, A. N. Kaplin2, E. S. Malyutina1
1. Belgorod State national Research University, Belgorod
2. Kursk state University, Kursk
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Relevance. Pregnancy can be a powerful strumogenic factor that leads to a violation of thyroid homeostasis, due to an increase in a number of hormones specific to this condition that have structural similarities with hormones that affect the activity of the thyroid gland, in particular, chorionic gonadotropin is similar to thyroid-stimulating hormone. This transient effect, especially in the presence of subclinical disorders, predisposes to the development of thyroid diseases. The aim of the study was to study the catamnesis, including the course of pregnancy, of elderly and senile women who underwent surgery for thyroid cancer. Materials and methods. To study the features of the development of thyroid cancer in women, a retrospective analysis of cases of thyroid cancer in the Belgorod region for the period 2010-2019 was conducted. During the study of medical histories, logs of surgical interventions and registration of surgical and biopsy material of the Belgorod oncological dispensary, the endocrinology Department OF the Belgorod regional clinical hospital of St. Joasaph and the Belgorod pathoanatomic Bureau OF Belgorod, 264 cases of papillary and follicular thyroid cancer were selected, among which 227 women (18-81 years) and 37 men (20-70 years) Results. In elderly and infantile women who underwent surgery for differentiated thyroid cancer, the gynecological history revealed a higher frequency of signs of primary amenorrhea – the onset of menstruation after 16 years, a later onset of sexual activity, as well as an irregular menstrual cycle compared to the control group. When studying the gynecological history in patients who have had thyroid cancer, candidiasis (SOOR), bacterial vaginosis and is more often determined than in women of the control group. Conclusions. The predisposition of female individuals to the occurrence of thyroid cancer suggests the role of hormonal transient States in the occurrence of cancer of this localization at a later age.
Keywords thyroid cancer, gerontology, gynecological status, old age.

Bibliographic reference:
T. V. Pavlova, A. N. Kaplin, E. S. Malyutina, PREGNANCY FAILURE AS A PREDICTOR OF PREMATURE AGING SYNDROME (ON THE EXAMPLE OF THYROID DISEASES) // Scientific journal «Current problems of health care and medical statistics». - 2021. - №1;
URL: http://healthproblem.ru/magazines?textEn=590 (date of access: 26.06.2024).

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